Image with students from the WRITE Institute



Here's what teachers say about WRITE!!

"Students are seeing writing more as a process and taking ownership over the revising and editing portions of it. They're seeing the benefits of prewriting and connecting writing to their own lives."

"I feel much more comfortable teaching writing whole group and small group. The tools, especially the windowpane have made teaching writing interactive. Students are more excited to write in class. They love their writing journal and writer's workshop."

"Students are given the opportunity to develop genre knowledge before being asked to write. The scaffolding and support really help the kids develop, reflect and see themselves as writers."

"I have gained a better understanding of the writing process. I understand the importance of providing students more time to develop their oral vocabulary to develop student's writing. My students love the windowpanes, chants and engaging activities! Thanks!!"

“WRITE has transformed my teaching and my life. I have a new and improved outlook on what ELD students can write.”

"Thank you for helping me teach my students in an engaging, effective manner."

"The awesome training were a tremendous help in the classroom. I wish this type of training had been available when I first began teaching."

"I'm learning how to break down the complex writing process into small doable steps."

"The numerous activities and lessons added creativity and excitement to my teaching this year!"